Karate for children

The use of karate in our program helps kids develop focus and self-confidence in an environment that emphasizes respect for themselves and for others.This is a vigorous, disciplined workout,in the Eastern tradition, which trains the body and mind to adapt to stress.Karate training in this style, gives opportunity for students to challenge themselves- to be the best they can be – all while they have a great time!

Our schedule for fall karate classes has been updated. Register for a free trial class today or contact us for more information.
Karate and martial arts for kids is not only about physical fitness. More about the benefits and our karate focus here.
Find out more about our fun and therapeutic karate program for mainstream and special needs children & adults.
We work with many schools & agencies to create specialized in-school & after-school programs.

Our son participates fully in karate and truly looks forward to his weekly class. This has spilled over into other aspects of his life including school, after-school activities and family functions. We are truly grateful to Sensei and look forward to more progress to come.

Gina B.  – Parent