Special Learning Needs

The Fitness for Focus Martial Arts and Kids Karate programs are a fun and therapeutic activity for Neuro-typical (Mainstream) and Special Needs Children and Adults.

Our program is a comprehensive sensory integration activity specially designed to support Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Psychotherapy – all while children have a great time and get good exercise.

What children want to practice, and do over and over, makes the difference in helping them improve, often at a critical moment in their development, which could make the difference for an independent and fulfilling life years down the road.

This activity for special needs children and adults introduces just enough of the Japanese formality to train students inside a structured but skillfully varied program that paradoxically frees autistic people from rigid and repetitive thinking and movement patterns – opening them to a world of potential, growth and happiness.

Our program benefits:

  • Autistic Children and Adults
  • Developmentally Delayed Children
  • Handicapped Adults
  • Senior Citizens
  • Neuro-Typical (Mainstream) Children

Our Martial Arts Skills Strength and Balance program has improved:

  • concentration
  • self-esteem and awareness
  • confidence
  • eye contact
  • fine and gross motor coordination
  • balance
  • leg strength
  • socialization skills

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