Read what parents, teachers and schools have to say about our karate classes:

“You [Sensei Glenn] have the patience of a saint.”

James S. – parent

“Thanks for all your support in interest in Charlie’s development!  It has truly made a difference!”

Bill and Elissa J. – parent

“Our son loves karate, and] was speaking of [Sensei] yesterday at breakfast. Was talking about how [Sensei ] taught him to look into people’s eyes and concentrate.  Very sweet.”

Kathy E. – parent

“You are so wonderful with Neal ….. He and I both think you are the most caring, encouraging karate teacher out there, and he has become so much stronger and more coordinated as a result of your work with him.”

Adela P. – Parent

“My son Brandon has been in karate training with Sensei Glenn for over four years.  I have had the pleasure of watching him teach not only my son, but countless other students.  Sensei Glenn is patient, caring, and instills in his students the values of practicing and working hard.  As a result of his teaching, I have seen my son develop discipline, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment that comes from working hard to achieve a goal.  I offer the strongest recommendation for Sensei Glenn and his staff…”

Evan. C. –  Parent

“I am so happy to have found Sensei Glenn and Fitness for Focus! My daughter Maryn loves every class and is always thrilled to be there. Every time she puts on her gi, she exudes such empowerment. What a great thing for a young girl to experience! Sensei Glenn has a wonderful rapport with the kids; his gentle demeanor combined with his firm yet encouraging teaching style makes for a wonderful, challenging, and meaningful class. I highly recommend Sensei Glenn and Fitness for Focus for all kids, especially those who love to move and might need a bit of extra attention in a class setting.”

Kathleen C. – Parent 

“Jack’s progress has been an accomplishment and one that we were all proud to celebrate last weekend. We see how he has progressed, he feels it and you should be proud. Your repetition and patience got through! Jack can’t wait to continue this Fall and the achievement of getting the blue belt or any belt when earned through patience, focus and hard work is a really important lesson in Karate and in life!”

Daniela B. – Parent

“Our son participates fully in karate and truly looks forward to his weekly class. This has spilled over into other aspects of his life including school, after-school activities and family functions. We are truly grateful to Sensei and look forward to more progress to come.”

Gina B.  – Parent 

“…I am constantly amazed at Sensei Glenn’s ability to communicate with his special needs children. He is patient, encouraging, and, very important, he challenges them to push themselves, but in a non-threatening way. He truly has a gift. The program is excellent for these kids on so many levels: exercise, concentration, focus, turn-taking, and relating to peers. They gain confidence as they learn more moves. We are very grateful to have found Sensei Glenn and Fitness for Focus.”

Maria M.  – Parent